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Making of our Farm


Havin Hills Rolling Acres started as Havin Hills Holsteins in 1977 when Logan’s grandparents moved up to Chetek from Illinois. Havin as you may have noticed is spelled wrong, this is because it is spelled with part of both Harriet and Irvin Taplin’s names. In 1977 the farm consisted of 30 milk cows and 120 acres, another 37 acres was later purchased putting the farm up to 157 acres. When the dairy cows were sold in 2001 the herd consisted of 45 cows and a few hundred acres. After the cows were sold some of the rented acres were let go and the farm then turned to corn and hay. In the spring of 2016 Logan moved onto the farm.

Our Farm Today

Logan and Amber farm about 400 acres of wheat, rye, corn, soybeans, sunflowers, hay, pumpkins, squash, and cover crops to graze. There are 20 cows and numerous heifers and calves along with a few Holstein steers, totaling just over 50 animals. In 2019, we will be butchering 6 beef steers from our farm.  Logan and Amber have  also found enjoyment raising all sorts of animals beyond the beef cattle.  At any point in time we might have meat chickens, goats, pigs, and honey bees.  There are plans to also try turkeys, lambs, pheasants, and anything else someone suggest we should try.  

We utilize many different farming techniques here on the farm. No-till farming techniques and cover crops play a vital roll on our operation. By utilizing no-till techniques we believe it helps us maintain soil structure and preserve organic matter.  Cover crops help hold soil in place, build organic matter, recycle nutrients and provide a great source of grazing. By grazing the cover crops we have seen huge benefits to the soil and yields in the fields. By grazing the cattle it helps close the loop and create a holistic farming system.

What We Stand For 

Havin Hills Rolling Acres strives to produce nutritious, healthy products in a sustainable manner. We use methods from all aspects of agriculture because we believe that there is no single way to farm. We strive to farm in a matter that promotes synergy between cattle, crops, and soil. Our sustainable farming operation starts with the soil. The utilization of cover crops and cattle has boosted soil biology exponentially, and has helped promote a more sustainable cropping rotation for us. At Havin Hills Rolling Acres it is our goal to produce a product that is nutritious and healthy to pass it on to the consumer, and to improve the ground we farm on so that it can be farmed on for many years.  

Meet the Farmers

Logan grew up around his Grandparents dairy farm, Havin Hills Holsteins, he was very active in his local FFA chapter earning his American Degree.  Agriculture has always been where Logan was suppose to be, it was an easy decision to pursue a degree in Agricultural Studies with a minor in Crop and Soil Studies at the University of Wisconsin River Falls.  Logan now takes care of the farm along with having a off farm job, plus he sells seed and does other odd and end jobs.

Amber grew up on her family's 60 cow registered Holstein dairy farm were she was extremely involved in everyday tasks.  She was involved with her 4-H Club for 13 years, showing cattle that entire time along with participating in dairy judging.  It was a simple decision to attend college at the University of Minnesota Twin Cities, receiving a degree in Animal Science, Industry and Business Emphasis and a minor in Agriculture Food Business Management. Amber works full time off the farm in the agricultural industry as a Marketing and Special Projects Specialist.   


Our Beef 

We raise primarily Pinzguaer, Lowline Angus, Angus, and Crosses between those breeds.  Our cattle are raised on cover crops, pasture, and rotational grazing mixes, the calves stay with their mother's a minimum of ten months.  At that age the steers are sorted to start a steer diet and the heifers are kept with the others to start getting ready for breeding.  The steer diet changes slightly as they grow so that they grow muscle and develop marbling, which gives you a delicious cut of meat.


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